Welcome to the PANaMa project

Welcome to the web pages of the project PANaMa!


The English version of the page will give you a brief overview of the project, state its focus groups and general aims and provide the project's anticipated schedule. For further information we kindly ask you to further explore the German or Danish pages or simply to contact us.


In the project PANaMa, students in 9th or 10th grade will be introduced to activities that people in certain jobs will have to do in their daily lives and the knowledge base that doing these activities depends on. Students will find out what job opportunities there are available in their region. The project will focus on topic areas that have a regional connection but also a high potential for future growth and development: Energy, Agriculture, Nutrition, High-Tech Materials.


   Within each area, students will encounter different companies, different vocational jobs, different people working in these jobs as well as university programs dealing with them. Specific contacts between local schools and companies will be established so that students might be able to visit the company, company workers might visit the school and a specific exchange will take place.


This exchange will be accompanied by teaching and learning material, which will be tailored to specific job descriptions and specific companies. This material will be integrated directly into the students' school subjects such as math, biology, chemistry, physics or integrated sciences.

Students will then take the information and knowledge gained through the exchange with the company and the activities they do in class and reorganize their insights into a type of exhibition (exhibition shelves, digital brochure or webpage). Thus they present their findings to a wider public.








Financial Support


The Project PANaMa is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with funds of the European Fund for Regional Development. Find out more about Interreg Deutschland-Danmark at www.interreg5a.eu.